The Worship Series: Great Things


The Worship Series: Great Things

℗ Joshua Kyle Dunn 2019

"The Worship Series" is a project that's very near and dear to my heart.  Combining my passions for music, theology, worship, and teaching, I've created a short series of articles designed to deepen our collective understanding of modern worship music.  Each highlights a specific worship song, and seeks to find its theological and biblical roots.  I've also included original videos for each song, to give my own "stripped down" take on the song. It's my hope that these articles help mold and shape the way we approach modern worship music, and give us firm theological ground from which to sing about our God.  Enjoy! -Josh

“Great Things” is a song written to strengthen and encourage our faith, especially when we’re doubting the promises of God. There are several complicated themes in the lyrics of this song, each presented in a very simple way. It begins and ends with the same phrase—There’s no need for hiding, no reason to run—as we celebrate the freedom and peace that comes from a God-centered faith. It’s a beautiful and enticing picture of God’s kingdom, a place without fear or longing.

The second verse challenges us to be content as we rest in the waiting, not knowing what’s next—this isn’t the language we’d typically use to talk about waiting, and that’s very intentional. Verse 2 shows us that in the kingdom of God, fear and impatience give way to peace and contentment.

Finally, we’re reminded of this powerful dynamic: great things You have done, AND great things are yet to come. Not only can we see the faithfulness of God in the past (scripture, testimony, etc.), we can trust in the promise that He’s not finished yet, which is also the focus of the third verse.

The chorus pushes us further toward this contentment, declaring the truth that the circumstances of our lives don't change the character of God. You’re over it all, in every season. You’re in control, You’re on the throne, You’re always faithful in the highs and lows. Lastly, the bridge gives us more examples of the great things He’s already done (especially on the cross) and encourages us to hope in the truth that He won’t change.

Why Sing it?

This songs carries an important message for the people of God—we are so quick to forget His faithfulness when life gets tough, and Great Things encourages us to remember who He is. Several times throughout the song we sing the phrase, great things you have done, and great things are yet to come. What an important thing to engrain in our hearts and minds! My hope is that when we face hardships, the melody and words of this song would quickly be on our lips. I pray that it would help draw out those who are hiding or running, and awaken them to the powerful truth that God isn’t done working.

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A Biblical Foundation

One great example of these truths in scripture is Luke 1:46-55. Here we see Mary, the mother of Jesus, crying out to God. I love the line in verse 49, …For He who is mighty has done great things for me, and Holy is His Name. We also find a similar song of praise in Psalm 54, where David gives thanks and praise to God—not because he can see the works of God in the future, but because he can see the faithfulness of God in his past. …for He has delivered me from every trouble.

These are two very relevant examples, but you don’t have to look hard to find more stories of God’s faithfulness in scripture. The Bible (especially the Old Testament) is a storybook of God’s faithfulness to His people, and those stories are the inspiration for the hook of this song: Great things He has done, and great things are yet to come! 

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