His Word at Our Core

His Word at Our Core

by Joshua Kyle Dunn

One of our greatest charges as followers of God is to resist sinfulness and pursue Godliness.  I would imagine there are not many Christians who would disagree with this.  There are however, many disagreements among Christians as to how we should strive for these things.

I fear that many of us today hold a skewed view of what it means to pursue Godliness.  There are certainly many different definitions of this concept, many of which are backed up in scripture.  Nevertheless, there seems to be a significant portion of modern Christians who misunderstand some of the finer points of this idea.  I want to dive into one of these points today, in the hope that we might be more united in our journey to become more like our Creator.

The standards by which we determine our own morality are fatally flawed.  Just like us.  Though we may occasionally stumble onto the truth, we cannot hope to accurately determine what is right and what is wrong by our own efforts alone.  Thankfully, God has given us a universal standard by which we all can know definitively what is good and what is not; it's called the Bible.

When we choose to follow our own ideas of right and wrong, we often end up relying on feelings.  We do what "feels right" or "feels good", and allow these incredibly unreliable aspects of our humanity to shape our moral theology.  In all of this I think we forget one of the more simple realities of sin and the way it interacts with our hearts: sin feels good, and often times following God's plan for our lives does not.  This is not to say that God's goal is to punish or torture us, but is simply a reminder of why we find sin so enticing in the first place.  So, what we feel is good or right may in fact be the thing that is luring us away from intimacy with God. Because of this, we must root our moral standards of Godliness in the unwavering voice of God.  He does not change, and He will never lead us into sinfulness.

My hope is that we as a community of believers can recognize that the Bible is the living voice of the true God.  It is from the Bible that we can find our morality, and although it may not always feel good or right in the moment, I pray we can believe that God's plan is the one that will ultimately lead us into everlasting peace and joy.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness     2 Timothy 3:16




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