Worthy of All Praise

I wrote a phrase in a recent article that I thought needed a bit more explanation; so here it is: an exposition on the idea that "God is worthy of all praise and He saved us", not "because He saved us". Here's the quote: We cannot fall into the trap of believing “God is worthy [...]

His Timing is Perfect

What does it look like for God to be at work in our lives?  For some of us, the answer to this question might be very simple, but for others, identifying and articulating the presence of God in our lives can be a faith-shaking ordeal. I think that for many of us, the temptation is [...]

His Word at Our Core

One of our greatest charges as followers of God is to resist sinfulness and pursue Godliness.  I would imagine there are not many Christians who would disagree with this.  There are however, many disagreements among Christians as to how we should strive for these things. I fear that many of us today hold a skewed [...]

Getting Right with God

I heard a friend use a phrase recently, and it began to stir a thought within me.  The phrase was "I need to get right with God".  To give a little more context, this friend is a professing Christian, around my same age (21). At the heart of this I see an issue with theology. [...]