Promises or Presents?

Read Psalm 37 This Psalm is filled with the promises of God--not just for now but for eternity. As believers, we should pay special attention to the things God has told us He will do. In the first few verses, we get a snapshot of God's long-term plans. Specifically, we learn that He will "give [...]

Worthy of All Praise

I wrote a phrase in a recent article that I thought needed a bit more explanation; so here it is: an exposition on the idea that "God is worthy of all praise and He saved us", not "because He saved us". Here's the quote: We cannot fall into the trap of believing “God is worthy [...]

Secular Songs on Sunday Morning

Originally published at In many modern churches, it has become common practice to feature a secular song at the beginning or end of a worship service. Pop music — including Taylor Swift, U2, Coldplay, and countless others — now functions as an outreach tool in Sunday morning gatherings. Whether it’s singing the popular Frozen anthem [...]