Insatiable joy is inevitably the only response we can have to the love of Christ.  One who gazes upon the reflected glory of God that we can see here in this life, and is less than astounded, must not truly have seen Him.  For when the magnitude of all He has done is revealed, there is no longer any room for pride or selfishness.   The sheer weight of His sacrifice, relative to the breadth of our undeserving, easily overpowers the feeble tugs of sin on our hearts.  Repentance is inspired and fueled by the understanding of this imbalance.

Obviously this is not a perfect formula, the fallen nature of the world ensures this.  “We all like sheep have gone astray”(Isaiah 53:6).  We fix our eyes on lesser things, loosing sight of the One who first called us into light.  But it is in times such as these that we must focus all the more on Him.  For those who feel that the weight of sin in their lives is too strong to be overcome, think back to the sacrifice, and all that it means for us.  Salvation through the cross transcends the barriers of the world that so easily hold us back.  He has covered us, once and for all, by freely taking our punishment on the cross.
I truly believe that daily meditation on these things is key to a healthy relationship with God.  Think on your sins, but do not allow them to be a source of depression or negative thought.  Think instead on how Christ has freely paid the cost, clearing you of all condemnation.  When we finally realize what it means to be free from slavery to sin (Galatians 5:1), an infinite joy is found.  The only response we can have to the realization of grace is pure undefiled joy, expressed in adoration for the One who makes it all possible.  Meditate, therefore, on the beauty of salvation, and the richness of having a Savior who has promised to love you unconditionally for the rest of time.
“Set your minds on thins that are above, not on things that are on earth.”  Colossians 3:2

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