Worthy of All Praise

I wrote a phrase in a recent article that I thought needed a bit more explanation; so here it is: an exposition on the idea that "God is worthy of all praise and He saved us", not "because He saved us". Here's the quote: We cannot fall into the trap of believing “God is worthy [...]

Getting Right with God

I heard a friend use a phrase recently, and it began to stir a thought within me.  The phrase was "I need to get right with God".  To give a little more context, this friend is a professing Christian, around my same age (21). At the heart of this I see an issue with theology. [...]

Holding Fast to the Truth

There has been a thought stirring within me for the past month or so, and I've finally decided to wrestle it into words.  I think the most helpful and clear way to establish my idea is in a question: How can truth be simultaneously subjective and ambiguous while retaining the very attributes that define it? [...]

Sanctification Through Transformation

Today I have been meditating on the nature of man’s position relative to God and sin.  This topic was made fresh in my mind by Romans chapter 6.  This chapter is filled with practical truths about the redemption of man, and his newfound posture towards sin. There are several themes throughout this chapter that reinforce [...]

Does Evil Come From God?

Does evil come from God?  This is a question nearly as old as Christianity itself.  In thinking on this subject, I realized that I had yet to form an opinion of my own.  I have always either ignored the question, or leaned upon the beliefs of others.  In looking at scripture I have found what [...]