Joshua is a worship pastor and author with a passion for local and global ministry.  Having grown up in Texas and lived 5 years in Nashville, TN, he now works in Spokane, WA, as the Worship Pastor for Northview Bible Church. Josh spends his free time reading, making coffee, listening to music, and enjoying the company of friends.  On this site, you’ll find some of his most recent writing, personal musings, or anything else he’s working on in ministry.  

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The passion and call of my life is leading the people of God deeper into His presence through worship.  More often than not, this is done through music.  However, I am also deeply invested in the pastoral ministries of teaching, counseling, and discipling.

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A very large portion of my time is devoted to learning about and creating music.  I play several different instruments, and I’m always eager to learn new things.

Vocalist    |    Guitarist    |     Pianist    |    Drummer

Original song “This Love”:

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